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Ready or not, the season of Advent begins this Sunday. You may be someone who expectantly views Thanksgiving as the threshold to the “holidays,” which includes New Years Day as the conclusion. Maybe you circle “Black Friday” on your calendar and anticipate all the shopping deals (which have already begun in case you didn’t notice). Perhaps you have already booked airline tickets, assembled Christmas lists, gathered the decorations, set the DVR for all the Hallmark Christmas shows, scheduled parties, picked out your Christmas socks, assembled the cookie recipes, ordered the Christmas cards, knit your “Ugly Christmas Sweater,” and pulled out your favorite Christmas music. Or, maybe you’ve not done any of this. Do you know what’s missing in this long list? A baby, born in a manger, God’s Son.

This Advent season you are invited to join a conspiracy that has impacted thousands of Christians over the past decade -- Jesus followers who have had the courage and conviction to make Jesus the primary focus of Christmas. They have conspired together to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All. They dared to live counter-culturally (and in doing so), rediscovered the world-changing movement of God, breaking into human history -- in a barn!


Throughout this series, we will be hosting a class after the morning service in which you can discuss Sunday's topic with other co-conspirators. So, grab some coffee, and a tasty treat and join us. There will also be an option for kids in the loft.


This Sunday we begin by asking the question: What does it mean to Worship Fully? In preparation, read up on these four Christmas characters, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, and the shepherds of Bethlehem.

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