2/21/2021 Transforming Fear


The Israelites who left Egypt have been on a journey of transformation that has lasted for over two and half years. Since leaving the land of slavery, God has been trustworthy in His provision and loving (yet firm) in His discipline. Finally, the people have arrived on the threshold of the land promised to their ancestors. Moses sends twelve spies into Canaan to explore the land and report their findings to the Israelites. True to His word, God has led them to a land flowing with milk and honey, but it is also a land populated by strong people and fortified cities. Fear of the inhabitants of the land overwhelms the Israelite camp and they once again doubt God’s faithfulness and power. After all this time the people of God are still unwilling to live into their call to be stewards of God’s kingdom, trusting the almighty God who is unwavering in His faithfulness.

In preparation for this Sunday,

                    read Numbers 13:1-14:25

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