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Nehemiah was called by God and sent by the King of Persia to rebuild and repair the walls and gates of Jerusalem during the post-exile period from 444 to 432 BCE. The wall, though important, is in many ways a metaphor for the internal boundaries God's people needed to incorporate for future generations to live as God’s chosen among all the other nations of the world. The foundations of the Jewish faith laid during this period would become the religious climate in which Jesus would minister 400 years later. Last week we learned how Nehemiah inspired the Jews to take action and face opposition in carrying out their task. Their enemies were strong and well organized but easily identified. However, the biggest threat to Nehemiah and the remnant community was hiding in plain sight and would prove to be one of Nehemiah’s greatest challenges as a leader. This Sunday, we will look at Nehemiah 5 and explore how power and privilege intersect with responsibility and repentance, and how Nehemiah provides today’s church with a compelling call to action.

Read Nehemiah, Chapter  5

in preparation for Sunday’s message.

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