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Odds & Ends At FCC

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Suggested Gift Registry for Parent Life  -- from Kay Levesque


  • Diapers and Wipes - When I launched this ministry, I felt strongly that I wanted to give FREE diapers and wipes to every mom... every meeting. I know it is not easy for these young moms to get to a meeting in the middle of the week with their kid(s) ... so diapers and wipes not only meet a real need -- but it is a great way to thank them for taking the time to join us. We always need wipes, and currently our biggest need for diapers is size 4, 5, 6 and pull-ups.


  • CCT Bus Passes - Transportation is a HUGE need for these young moms. With a single ride costing $2 one way, you can imagine how quickly they go through passes and what an enormous expense that can be. Just think -- in one day you have to get to work, pick up groceries, and have a doctor's appointment -- that could cost up to $12 in one day! While we do try to help with rides when we can, having bus passes to help them when funds are tight is helpful.


  • Gift Cards - These can be used in a variety of ways for Parent Life and are a huge blessing. Sometimes we need to buy items for our meetings like crafts and food. Sometimes we need to purchase decorations and gifts for baby showers and 1-year birthdays. Sometimes a mom is really having a hard month financially and this allows us to help out with some hygiene, household, baby, gas, or grocery items.  (Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, grocery cards, and gas cards -- $25 or less). We partner each young mom with a mentor who meets 1- on-1 with their mentee a couple times a month in order to develop an Authentic Christ Sharing Relationship (ACSR). These meetings can be an expense for the mentor, so it is a huge blessing if we have some cards on hand for coffee ($5-10 cards) and restaurants ($25 or less) or day passes to The Village to help the mentor meeting expenses.

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